• NOW AVAILABLE! The miraculous story of Candice Jannise, who was saved by God from near-death and restored to full-life. This 5 x 8 book is the miraculous story of a country girl who grew up in China… China, Texas. Candice has overcome many troubles, including a blood transfusion, a brain aneurysm, five brain surgeries, a seizure, and a paralyzing-stroke. Despite these events, she is a walking miracle! Candice has learned through many life experiences how to depend more on God. He doesn’t fail her and He won’t fail you either! 90 pages.  
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    This uplifting professionally recorded Christian music CD from my sisters, Robin Sonnier (left) and Lynda Noble (right) will lift you up and encourage your soul. This CD has nine beautiful songs, eight of which are original titles. This whole collection will bring your heart closer to the Lord. I am on the cover with Robin and Lynda because I wrote song # 4, “Jesus Broke the Chains.” 14.99 PayPal CD 14.99 + 3.99 (shipping is 2.00 more for each additional CD)
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    Daily Blessings From God’s Word

    Daily Blessings from God’s Word is a 6 x 9 paperback book with 406 pages. It offers a unique way to view God’s Word by pairing the Bible chapter number to the month number and the Bible verse number to the day. This book has up to five quoted daily scriptures with inspirational teaching comments that occasionally rhyme. Each verse is quoted from one of the seven Bible translations included to help you overcome in this life while securing your eternal destiny with God. Bible based teaching comments follow to equip all believers with the truth that leads to eternal life through Jesus Christ. He is the Only One qualified to give us eternal life. Daily Blessings from God’s Word 25.99 + 5.95 to ship To receive your own book, order your copy, click on "add to cart" below.
    "This uplifting book is also available on Amazon.com as well as BarnesAndNoble.com"  
  • NOW AVAILABLE! This 122 page 6x9 book is an uplifting collection of Christian poems written by a walking-Miracle to encourage, exhort, and teach those who need more of God, about His love and His goodness.
  • This 6 x 9 inspirational Christian poetry book was written to encourage you to go deeper into the truths of God in a meaningful way by reflecting deeper about His truth and His Word, which are Jesus! The last chapter has narrative poems about Bible characters, such as Moses. 134 insightful Pages. amazon
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