Remember, God is the healer who wants you well. His promises are true. His Word says that we were healed by the stripes Jesus bore for us (1 Peter 2:24).
We are healed by the blood of Jesus, praise God! Until you receive your freedom, by receiving your healing, here are some tips to help you with some common one-handed user tasks:

1. To blow-dry, your hair put the blow dryer on the counter with it facing you. Bend your head over and use a brush to style your hair while the dryer does its work.

2. To line laundry baskets with liners, place your leg on one side to hold the paper as you use your hand to properly situate the other side.

3. To chop onions, use a special chopper board that has prongs to hold food securely while you cut your food.

Guys, Step 4 is NOT for your eyes! Please go to step 5.

4. Ladies, to secure your bra, place it flat on the bed, lie upon it, pull each side from under you, grab both sides with your hand and know that you can do this (Philippians 4:13). Next, place the brackets on top of the other side and gently sweep it across until it “clicks” together!

5. To peel potatoes, use a handy mounted vegetable peeler.

6. To open a jar, put it between your legs to secure it and open it with your hand.

7. You can fold a towel by laying it on the back of the sofa and folding it completely in half, and then do it again!

8. The easy way to place food in a sandwich bag is to put the bag in a cup and secure it by folding it over the top of the cup and filling it! For filling large gallon bags, place the bag over the mouth of your blender and fill it!

9. To keep skillets secure while cooking, put one skillet on the front burner and one behind it. Turn the handle towards you on the skillet in the front. Gently press on the handle with your stomach while stirring your food with a spatula. I have prepared many delicious meals this way; it works wonderfully!

10. A great tool is the “one-touch” can opener. I got mine at Walgreens, but it is sold in many stores. I highly recommend this!

11. When opening refried beans, it can be difficult to remove them. To make it easier, place the opened can in the wedge between your stove and countertop. Hold the can firmly in place by pressing your body against it as you use a spoon to remove the contents.

12. I had someone put a nail on the outside of the bathroom door so I could hang a little mirror on it. This helps me to see what my hair looks like in the back as I curl it. I open the door just enough so I can strategically aim the mirror to see the reflection of the back of my head with the big mirror on the wall. It produces great results!

13. To floss your teeth easily, you can use the one-handed flossers. I buy mine from the grocery store, such as from Walmart or Kroger. The “Plackers” is my preferred flossers because they do not break very often.

14. Be sure you keep a positive attitude throughout your struggle knowing God will always cause you to have victory in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 2:14)!

15. The most important tip I can give you is to trust in the healing power of Almighty God and receive the healing He has already provided for you by His grace. By your faith is one way you can receive your healing for His glory (Matthew 9:29)!

*Please use these tips from a triumphant survivor at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for any harm or damage caused to you or your property by using these tips. Through my ordeal, they have genuinely helped me, and I pray they will help you, too!