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Thank you for visiting my website. I want to share my awesome testimony with you to help others who are going through a difficult time like I went through when I almost died from a brain aneurysm. And if you have been affected in a way that physically has you adapting to the use of one hand, I have included One-Handed Tips providing help to anyone needing to learn how to use one hand successfully.


Hi, my name is Candice Jannise, but I am also known as Candy. I have two children, Derrick Farris and Megan Lindsey. I also have a son-in-law, Lance Lindsey. They are truly a blessing from God, and I love them very much.


The Lord saved my life in October of 2004 after a chiropractic adjustment to my neck caused me to have a brain aneurysm. I lost a large quantity of blood due to my brain bleeding and this blood loss caused me to pass out. When my husband (from whom I am now divorced) returned from work and found me unconscious, he called 911 Emergency, and I was immediately flown to the hospital via life-flight.


I want you to see for yourself the miracle God performed when He saved my life, after a blood transfusion and five brain surgeries. I have some pictures of this experience that explain more accurately the power of God in my situation much better than any words could express. However, I must warn you! These pictures may shock you and cause you to turn away. Look at them, only if you dare by clicking below.

Immediately following my first brain surgery (just after the doctors said I was probably not going to live), I saw the Devil begging God for my life, saying, “Let me have her, God! Please, Let me have her!” God was in a glow, so I did not see him, but I heard God say, “You can’t have her! She belongs to me, and I have things for her to do.”

I had three brain surgeries before the doctors discovered my problem, and prior to each surgery they prepared my family for my death. As the doctors inserted a piece of platinum metal (called a coil) in the blood vessel in my brain to stop it from leaking blood, it ruptured and caused me to have a stroke, which paralyzed the left side of my body. As a result, the doctors said I probably would not walk again. Yet, today, I am a walking miracle! Due to my brain bleeding, the doctors said I would be on anti-seizure medication for the rest of my life. Yet, today, I do not take any prescription drugs because I truly was healed by Jesus’ stripes!


All of these traumatic events happened to me in 2004, but so many good things have happened in my life since almost dying, including: writing a Christian song, being on a Music CD cover, and listening to God as He encouraged me to write, write, write! Little did I know all the journal writing and memorization of scriptures would lead to the writing of two books, as I just simply spent time with Him! I hope you are as blessed reading them as much as I was blessed while writing them.

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WARNING: Proceed Only If You Dare